Friday, November 19, 2010

I started for a couple of day a new character: "Bob Fisher".
He's for small Kids, must looking cute, neat, pretty, likable,... He will get more tools and details (fish, fishing rod, ...)

It's the first concept modeling. I readjust the topo first and model it again, finer.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

10.11.2010 update: start of the retopology
I tested for this, the software 3D coat (trial, and his auto-retopo function. Great for a start, but I decided to do everything directly in Zbrush. I get more control for the finger.

TIP: Change the opacity of the mesh when "retopoing":
In Preferences/Draw change the Front Opacity slider to 1.

here the official where i found the answers

Here an update of the retopology, comments are welcomed. I don't do it everyday.
For the legs, I'm not sure yet of their form/design... may be more like the arms...

19.11.2010: starting polypaint
I've finished the retopology and play with UVmaster. Everytime is this plug-in a real pleasure. 3min max and you get your result.
Underwear are not sculpted yet, I quickly paint them as preview.
Do you know what is the bright area under the cap? (Zbrush, best rendering with GI)

small update with some fish:

18.12.2010: All in 3ds max.
I export my Zbrush Object to max (thanks goz and multimap exporter)
The sss was my big research in the web... but I lost the good link... but I will post about "great parameters for realistic skin" or search again. Of course in my case, it doesn't matter a lot :)

About the scene: one mr daylight system, Photo
a lot of Arch&Design materials, one sss+disp for the skin

I tested the mrproxies for the trees, here the post about it: link

The ground is not finished, it's the reason why it's only white :) to be continued

22.12.2010: Today, grass and stone and some more elements. In white are notices of what i have to do now :)

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