Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olbi Workflow Zbrush to max, première mise en ligne par David Le Cardinal.

I did it quickly last evening to test the Workflow between Zbrush and 3ds Max. Of course it's not a lot detailled, eyes and mouth need more work but it was not my goal for yesterday.

here the Process I've done it:
- First Zsphere in Zbrush
- Zsketch of it
- Make a Polymesh of it and start sculpting
- Add some Subdivs (in this case 4 Subdivs/ 500,000 ActivePoints) and sculpt everytime a little bit more fine
- UV in Zbrush automatic UV packed
- Polypainting
- Export a low level (the first or the second. In this case it was about 30,000 ActivePoints) Obj-File
- Export a Normal map / Texture map
- Go to Max, import the Obj Model
- add Normal Bump and diffuse to it (Swap the UV Tiles to -1.0)
- Have fun with mental ray and lighting

I use the Gomax script later. It works great, but crashed for directx shader of my old Laptop.... Otherwise this script is amazing.

I'm not a Profi for this Workflow... but it's worked great. If someone get something better... please tell me where I'm wrong :)

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