Friday, July 10, 2009

How to import *.lwo files in 3ds Max without Lightwave?

Yesterday I get some 3D at this URL Exactly what I were looking for... but I get only *.lwo files... Arrrrg. Ok I asked my friend Google :) and this the way I get my model in 3ds max:
1. Download Accutrans 3D. It's a shareware, You can also try or buy (20$). First I try :)
2. Open your *.lwo in Accutrans 3D
3. Save as... what you want.

I tested different output file. First as *.obj... it won't work properly. 3DS works great (model 1 and 2 and the picture below). I get only strange black triangle in the viewport for the first model and only in the standard max setting. With Light and Shadow in the viewport it was perfect. Model 3 is exported as *.vrl. It smooth Groups.

Standard viewport

Standard viewport with hardware shadow

Quick render with mental ray

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